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Hedge Funds

Hedge fund managers get their research done quickly with Radios' powerful applications:

  • Stock picking
  • Alpha generating strategies
  • Equity long/short

The long/short equities style includes Investment Strategies that trade long and short without any necessary restriction on the degree of net long or short exposure they adopt. Some strategies may have a variable or consistent net long or short bias. They aim to profit from identifying stocks deemed to be under or over-valued on an outright basis – an approach commonly known as „stock picking“. Investment decisions are usually made within a discretionary framework based on quantitative and qualitative valuation techniques. Long/short equities strategies are often characterised by a relatively low trading frequency. The performance of these strategies is typically expected to show higher correlation and beta to the markets traded than equity hedge strategies. Volatility also tends to be higher than for equity hedge strategies. The strategies aim to be return-enhancing, delivering most of the upside of stock markets with less of the downside.

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