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Asset Managers
Analysts, portfolio managers, and trust officers can get their research done quickly with Radios’ powerful applications.

ValueSimulatorTM allows for a structured asset management process, which considers all major research techniques, including

  • Top-Down-Analysis (Long-term perspective)
  • Fundamental Bottom-Up Analysis (Mid-term to long-term perspective)
  • Quantitative Models (Mid-term perspective)

ValueSimulatorTM provides a comprehensive analytical platform for all industries with the exception of financial institutions. The software allows the user to focus on the most critical valuation issues rather than spending time and cost on number crunching and designing own research tools. Our rigid and proven analyst framework secures maximum consistency within industry sectors and indices. Thus inconsistencies of financial projections from various individual approaches to valuation can be avoided. Along with powerful graphical and numerical benchmarking functionalities this facilitates the comparability within and between industry sectors.

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