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Equity Research

Radios gives the ability to better leverage research analysts and further strengthens the quality and breadth of products offered to clients using the unique and innovative ValueSimulatorTM suite of products:

  • Improve the quality of analysis using integrated models and data
  • Intuitive and interactive interface to make models uniquely easy to understand and communicate
  • Increase analyst productivity and speed
  • Bring greater consistency across models and analysts
  • Quick and seamless implementation into existing IT infrastructure, including Windows XP
  • More value out of existing investments in data and models, both internal and external, having

ValueSimulatorTM link and import using “Plug & Play”.

Radios will create your individual solution that is complementary to your structure and will add immediately value to your organisation through a range of unique features:

  • Extend and enhance proprietary DCF valuation tools
  • Build, track and simulate a wide range of portfolios
  • Navigational support through sector benchmarks and powerful graphical representation of IBES estimates
  • Central administration with user right management for maximum of discipline and transparency
  • Automatic generation of CompCo sheets, multiple valuation etc.
  • Data consistency checks

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