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ValueSimulator Campus
Today's best teaching and research tools.

How do you measure the true potential of a company – its ability to create and sustain value? What are the key parameters that create or destroy shareholder value? Which are the implied assumptions in the current stock price of a company?

Value Simulator Campus provides a powerful platform to better understand and answer those questions. Rather than getting lost in the complexity of available company information and the intricacies of „numbercrunching“ ValueSimulator Campus creates a user-friendly training and simulation environment that helps you to focus on the key valuation issues. Users and professionals learn in the most intuitive way to conduct all financial analysis.

ValuSimulatorTM secures your learning success through:

  • Conduct yourself in a few minutes fundamental stock valuation, using cash flow models and peer comparison for analysing shareholder value
  • Evolution over time of all financials, including the balance sheet
  • Intuitive graphical user interface is uniquely effective for summarising complex financial information and allowing users to build and communicate financial projections
  • Forward-looking comparison with peers and the investment universe
  • Maximum transparency through Real time visualisation
  • Full customisation of user interface
  • Interfaces to standard spreadsheet applications
  • Established educational methods, aligned for campus and educational use
    Extensive sector analysis
  • Immediate reality check of current market valuation levels through visualisation of implied value
  • Maximum transparency of underlying models, formulae and assumptions
  • Reconcile business plans and resulting shareholder value implications

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